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Brad Hetherington
Sales Associate
Office Phone: 860-459-9446

I am honored and privileged to work every day in an industry where I do just that.

Where you chose to live your life is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. I take that very seriously.
My goal is to help find the perfect home/apartment/commercial space for YOU and to help YOU navigate through the process.
When choosing a Realtor to represent YOUR best interest, there really are only two questions that matter.

1. Can you trust them? & 2. Do they know what they are doing?

Selling, Buying or renting a home is no simple matter. It involves complex financial and personal decisions. That’s why you deserve top-caliber service from a Real Estate Professional who will listen to your needs and produce outstanding results.

With over 20 years of experience in Sales, I can provide you the expertise and personalized attention you expect – even after your transaction is completed.
Contact me when your ready to make your dreams come true!

Raising the Standard in Rhode Island Real Estate